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Capturing more warm and relaxing interior architectural effects.

YR Reklam Evi

Since the former use of the building was an electronics factory, traces from that period were also mapped through the concept's retro and industrial understanding.

The buildings that used to be Telefunken Radio Factory, currently used by YR Reklam Evi, a foreign advertising agency, have been redesigned with an updated concept. Each floor of the building, which has 5 floors, is assigned a separate function, and the floors are vertically separated from each other. Due to the thin and long planning of the building that only receives light from the front and rear facades, the working areas are placed on the facades, while areas such as lounges and cinemas are built in the dim middle areas. On the top floor, there is a general restaurant and recreational areas. Dealing with a lot of colorful and graphic elements during the day due to their work, YR Reklam Evi wanted to capture more warm and relaxing interior architectural effects in their spaces to be designed according to the new concept.

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